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mechanical rebellion
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Default Cam & oprt flow question

A port will only flow so much no matter how much lift a cam has . So at what lift on a 76cc head does a port no longer get the benifit from alot of lift (did I say that right ?) . And does piston speed come into play , as in does the cylinder get more volume of air when piston speed increases downward ? I want the most effective lift with the least amount of stress on the valve train . Thanks
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Even if the port stalls at higher lift, the peak lift is of short duration. Adding lift increases "area under the curve" so overall flow improves.

Question should be how much duration can you accept; the lift pretty well follows the duration. Duration and overlap can make a mess of low-rpm driveability; or destroy upper-rpm power. Pick your duration and overlap, pick your cam type--flat-tappet or roller tapppet, etc, and the lift is mostly decided for you with minor differences.

Given a choice, a GOOD FLOWING port mated to a mild cam makes for a much nicer engine than a crappy port and a big cam.
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