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Default Engine building/design guidance

Need some guidance in planning out a build for how I plan on driving my 76 SDV. I will be as honest as I can be with how I drive and my expectations are.

I want to build everything with maximum throttle response and low end torque in mind. As much as I want to think I'm building a hot rod, I'm not. It will be a cruiser that will rarely see WOT.

Car has a cracked exhaust manifold and was thinking about a MTS set of shorty headers. Are these worthwhile for this application or should i just put another factory manifold?

OEM intake, Edelebrock or ? Are aftermarket intakes more geared towards high rpm performance and a OEM manifold would be better for my intended purpose?

This is where i struggle the most, cam selecetion. I have been eyeing MTS 3,5 and 10. Is the 3 exclusive to fuel mileage? I see that the 3 brings the power band down but is it a OEM like power sooner? Going up from the 3, how is throttle response and low rpm torque affected or comprised for mid to upper rpm power? I don't mind increases in those areas but i don't want to sacrifice throttle response or low end torque. That's when I I started thinking about the 5 over the 3 but that's why I'm looking for advice. Ez 10 thumper wouldn't be out too unless it is not in line with my expectations or would compromise what I'm looking for.

Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks
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