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Default Large Marge Transformation Begins

I very seldom say anything but have gathered lots of info from Marty & others for my project that included a 79' Caddy 425/400 motor/trans combo that was a Fathers Day gift about 12yrs ago.
Thought I'd let you all see what has finally happened to the 1948 Chevy 1 ton School Bus lovingly known as Large Marge. And for those of you who'd like to know a bit of history.....

First seen her in a GoodGuys magazine in 1990. Fast forward 3yrs later, one night when I couldn't sleep so I got up and watched some TV & looked through some magazines and came across it again & wondered if the guy still had it. Gave him a call the next day & he said he still had the bus. We talked price & he sent me pictures and I was happy with it. Was going to wait a week but the guy called & said I needed to get it out now because a bad winter storm was forecasted that week & it would be impossible to get it out for several months. And since it was kinda hard to get that kind of money at 10pm on a Saturday the gentleman said he'd take my check, yes my check. The day after we picked it up the area got hit w/over a foot of snow.

I bought it out of Clay Center, Kansas, truly a rough road trip. Left at 10pm on a Saturday from the St Louis, Mo Metro area and the friend who rode w/me got a call his dad passed away when we were almost outside Kansas City. Asked him what to do & he said, The old man would say keep going, there's nothing you can go for me & so we continued on. Got into Clay Center at about 5am Sunday morning.

When the owner showed up he told us it was about 5-10 miles outside town & to follow him. We drove for a while making several turns & then we pull up in front of a over grown field of prairie grass that was at least 10-12ft tall. We get out & I look at the guy & ask "Where is it" and he pointed towards the field & said about a half mile back. I just shook my head & followed him into the field. Got to his stash of trucks, about 20 or so & I drove around in circles for a bit to beat the grass down so not to start a fire.

When first looking at it you could tell some damn long haired hippy freak must have owned it at one time since it had a big Peace sign on one door & Love & Peace on the back doors. It was last licensed in 1972 and at one time must have been driven through a ditch since 2 front cross members were bent & cracked. But the body was really straight & I knew I had to have this beast. After getting it home I found out it was originally was a Catholic School bus for St Mary's Cornwin Church from a school banner sticker on a window & after cleaning it you could read School Bus above the windshield and read the bus number on the drivers door.

Our son gave me a 1979 Cadillac for the 425 motor/trans for Father's Day the year he joined the Marines 12yrs ago. The 425 was bored 30 over & balanced, head reworked w/new valves, springs & rocker arms, Lunati Cam w/a Edelbrock intake and Quadrajet.. The 400 trans was rebuilt w/a shift kit & the 8.8 rear end was rebuilt w/new bearings, a new posi and brakes. Fronts suspension uses a Scott Danforth weld in front crossmember that can use stock S10/Regal/Monte type suspension parts but allows the use of rack in pinion. I did a tall spindle swap that let me use a 80's/early 90's fullsize GM car spindle with 11"/12" rotors on the vehicle when using aftermarket upper control arms.

Because of my health (I have more new parts in my then my 06 Yukon) it's in a shop (Purple Monkey Kustoms) in Florida being put together for me. Here's some pics if you're interested.

Being packed and picked up

Arrives at PMK and the fun begings

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When its done, can you please send me a picture to put on the web site?
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Originally Posted by Paul Lane (MTS) View Post
When its done, can you please send me a picture to put on the web site?

Will do, should know something with in the next week or so....joe
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