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Default 2 questions - torque converter and rear end.

I've got a 72 Caddy commercial chassis and a slightly built 472 in it (all parts from MTS a LONG time ago), I'm having the transmission rebuilt right now and was thinking of swapping in a new converter in but I want to make sure I'm getting a reasonable stall speed - does anybody know what the stock RPM stall was for this year/car?

Other question - what parts interchange to turn that commercial chassis rear end into a limited slip?
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Most likely a fairly low stall speed in the 1800 RPM range, I'm guessing. Big torque engines do not need much stall speed. I used an extra low stall speed Allison spec RV type of TC in my Jeep & it was rated at 1100 RPM.

You might want to contact MTS with your cam specs & see what stall speed they recommend.


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