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Default injection hardware

This pic of the tunnel ram I'm building might give you some ideas. it wouldn't be too tough to weld a flange or a transition piece to the stubs comming out of the intake flange. I made the stubs, with the intention of welding mandrel bent 45 deg. tubes to them, because I fabbed up a swedge to match the intake flange, and couldn't figure a way to hold the bent tube to swedge the end. I started with the stubs at 4 in. long, but will cut them shorter to properly space the vertical tubes side to side.
I want to try this manifold with a single "flying toilet"injector, but 2 rows of "hilborn's"would look sweet, and are not impossible to find in the circle track world. also in the R & D dream is a twin To-4 turbo set up with 2 'toilets, but this could be done with stacks also.
This manifold will start out in a FED, nostailgia digger, so the "period" look is important, and I 'm not smart enough yet to play with EFI and the turbos, all my injection experiance has been "mechanical" so I'm gonna start with what I know... RED
Yes, virginia, there really is a 9 seccond caddy powered rail in the trailer...
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