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I too am looking for similar information. I have a '79 TA with a 301 and a bad camshaft. I have a '73 472 that is complete (including AC) under a shelf that is looking for a home. I thought maybe it would be a nice candidate for my T/A.

Can anyone tell me if the 368 Caddy motor was ever put in the Seville RWD? To my knowledge, most of those came with Olds motors. The Seville from my understanding, was basically a Nova, which would basically be a Firebird. That being the case, I could get motor mounts for my T/A from a Seville (assuming, of course, there ever was a Caddy motor in a Seville).

I did find a 2nd gen T/A with a 500 in it a few months ago, I'll try to find the link for that guys car.

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