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Default Belt Layout, Cadillac bigblock engines.

So after careful review, I have found that the standardized method of Bigblock Caddy belts is as such, with the rear belt lining up with the AC and power steering and the forward belt being spaced enough to match up with the water pump and alternator. Seen below.

However, and this is most likely due to the various layouts this engine can have, such as difference between years/actual engines as well as what had a smog pump and what did not, my balancer and water pump pulleys are a bit different. the two grooves in my lower pulley I suspect must be closer together and my water pump ALSO has two grooves.

Thereby, I have found that I can attach everything with three belts if I do it in this fashion (with my crudely drawn green, red and blue lines representing three different belts)

The blue one is the same as the first photo, connecting AC and Power Steering. The red one is to connect the water pump to the balancer and the green is to connect the Alternator to the water pump.

Think it will work? Any insight or input would be greatly appreciated.
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