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I apreciate all the help everyone.

IMO, forged rods are simply the way to go if the option exists, and all other things being equal. I see both the 6.735 and the 7.0 olds rods for sale all the time, and at very reasonable prices on some of the olds web sites... Why not go with them?????

I had my share of pontiacs "back in the old days", and wasted more than one of them due to the cast armasteel rods. Sure, there fine up to a certain power level and RPM, but it's always there in the back of your mind that those darn rods are the weak link in your pride and joy. I just dont want that costing me any sleep.

My local machine shop is where my chevy racer friend works, the one who will be doing the heads and intake for me. He will also be handling the assembly as well. They cut valve releifs in pistons, and we have already discussed these issues.

While were on the subject, am I going to run into any oil supply issues with a reduced base circle cam?

Again, thanks for the help.
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