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Default FAQ - Olds forged rods and olds pistons questions

Ok guys- I need a definate answer on this one.
I'm tearing my 472 down this week. Planning a budget buildup, and hoping for about 600 hp. Got a chevy friend who is gonna port match, clean up, and blend the bowls on my heads. Also match my new edelbrock intake.
My question is spacifically on the swaping of the Oldsmobile rods, and pistons.
I'v been around caddy's long enough to have heard that stock 'olds rods and 403 pistons will go into the engine, but I need more spacific details.

Which rods work with what combinations? 6 3/4 or 7 inch rods, 472 or 500 crank? What kind of compression will I end up with using my '71 472 heads? What oversized 'olds piston sizes will be needed?

The engine will receive a 200 hp nitrous shot, and I'm hoping for about 450 hp on engine, so about 600 total hp. At these levels, forged rods are a must.

But I need definate answers on the rod lengths, piston compression, and cylinder quench so I can select the proper cam, or have it ground [maybe reduced base circle if I need to mill the block for quench]?????????

Really apreciate whatever help someone can provide...

Daryl T.
"Big Daddy" Daryl
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