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Originally Posted by Nashalac View Post
A 400 can be built for 1/3 the price of the 700 to withstand the torque output. 700's can be built to also.
I do have a 200R4 that's built behind a 600/600 cad but It's a $3000 trans built to stay together with 800 tq is put to
I like the 200 trans also, even better OD ratio. Too bad nuthin in northern AZ NV area.
I honestly see this on the forums all the time about price vs price but 4 gears for $900 is too good of a deal to pass up. The 500ci needs to rev low on the freeway.

Originally Posted by Nashalac View Post
Only a burnout on pavement will help to indicate posi or not. Every rear will slip both tires when neither tire has traction.
Incorrect. I cant speak for anything other than these cadillac rear axles. My fleetwood brougham spun one wheel on DIRT. passenger side only. No power to driver side. The sedan I had when I started this thread since has been sold and bought an original 58k 1 owner '75 sdv that rips both tires like a G80 chevy axle. I dont mean to argue but back in the day (as I explain to everyone else) GM was NOT all the same. Axles on BOPCad all had their own design.
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