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Well, thank you for that life story.

I actually changed the fluid in the G80 suburban differential so i know exactly what your talking about. Never touched took apart of messed with it just seen it. Just for the record this is NOT my first big boat caddy either. I had a 76 Fleetwood Brougham prior to this one.

NO MATTER WHAT, only one wheel peeled on that car and it was the passenger side. even when i got stuck in the dirt only one wheel. Thats a truely open differential. It seems all the De Villes (whether Sedan or Coupe) have the controlled differential. NO ITS NOT A LOCKED DIFF. I found that out long ago.
But with no traction on dirt at full throttle it supposed to be both wheels since that's how the Cadillac manual states it supposed to work.

Now back to my original question: IS THE POSI MECHANISM NOT WORKING AND/OR WHAT CAN I DO TO REPAIR AND OR SERVICE. I have not gotten around to changing the fluid yet. It only has 93xxx miles on it.
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